Vilas Avenue is open to author queries for poetry chapbook submissions (electronic) from poets age 18-100+. Full manuscripts should be anywhere in the wheelhouse of 14-21 poems. Please send a sample of 7-10 poems (attached as a .pdf file) to along with a cover letter and a brief description of the project. Please include an acknowledgements page mentioning any individual poems that have appeared in publications elsewhere. The full collection should not have appeared in publication. If we are interested in reading a full manuscript you will receive a reply within 3-4 months, if not sooner.

Vilas Avenue values and respects diversity in all its forms. We recognize that life experiences, perspectives, and circumstances juxtaposed with our built and virtual environments manifest and emerge in dynamic and meaningful patterns that make us all human. If the submission process presents any barriers to your access please contact  and we will adapt to accommodate your process.

Thank you for considering Vilas Avenue as a potential outlet for your work!