Roads have rendered horizons
obsolete; the ancient assemblage
of trains vestibules the Western
mind into expansion where we find

a funny car production of the original
time-bending dragster, itself
constructed by Chinese day laborers

manufactured by hand in accessible
seascapes. The idiot
engine is punished for combusting

w/o oil. Silly horse,
only cardinal directions exist

the 4 corners
lay an arbitrary GPS to 1985

where this year a kid outside
insists chronology is
riding his hoverboard in a straight line

to the point where the sun
both rises & sets, real
coordinates in an imagined California.


Jerrod Bohn finished his MFA in poetry in 2010 at Colorado State University. His work has appeared or is soon forthcoming in Phoebe, The Montreal Review, alice blue, The Philadelphia Review of Books, Word For/Word, Smoking Glue Gun, Watershed Review and elsewhere. He currently lives in Seattle where he teaches yoga and enjoys cooking and getting outdoors.