More Light Than Yesterday /

this day it dawns
more light than yesterday
with just three

yet this time and light
bring a deepened discernment, shifting
from vague shadow to sharp focus
with each

choice revealed

possibility realized

commitment renewed

later in the day times passes, light fades
yet enough to remember
a clarity that could come
again tomorrow
with three


Introspective and contemplative by nature, Katharine Weinmann is a seeker whose reading of mystics, poets, and philosophers shapes the container from which her words emerge. Informed by her clinical training as a psychotherapist, professional practice as a leadership coach and group facilitator, and personal inner work in depth psychology, Katharine writes poetry and creative non-fiction, sharing the beauty in her imperfect, sometimes broken, mostly well lived and much loved life in her blog, A Wabi Sabi Life. Published in several global and national online journals, and anthologies, Katharine is co-editor of the Canadian online quarterly, Sage-ing: The Journal of Creative Aging.